Everybody hurts someday!

Well hello there world!

Today I don't feel like doing anything just like Bruno Mars lazy song.  Maybe I think that Agricultural Marketing paper is way too far from the examination date.  So I'm not surrounded by the mood of studying (",)

Okay, then back to the title.  All I ever want to do is just expressing my feeling through my writing.  Now I'm counting the days left for me to be with my lovely 43rd gen's family.  The times is running out from now.  I only have 3 days to let myself enjoying with them. Afterward, we only can communicate through Facebook and other social network channel but if they still remember me again. 

Frankly, I hate about this feeling.  I'm afraid of separation with these people around me.  Maybe sometimes I felt that some of my friends kinda irritating but I still love them.  It's just a normal feeling that everybody feels when they have friends.

Everybody hurts someday just like what I'm suffering now.  But I kept it away in the bottom of my heart only just to let my friends see my happiness.  Only few friends who know my true feeling toward this life. 

But who cares right?  You mind your feeling and don't mess up your life with others.  Don't let others get in your suck's life.  Make sure that your friends feel comfortable with you as you really are.  Don't pretend to be other.  DON'T BE PLASTIC!

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